Images of works by artist Betty Tompkins
Newspaper Articles
Grisaille | New York Times | Karen Rosenberg

Grissaille at Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery, New York City.  Curated by Alison Gingeras

"Invitation to the Voyage" | New York Times | Karen Rosenberg

Invitation to the Voyage at Algus Greespon.  Curated by Mitchell Algus.

Oh, the state the States are in | The Observer | Laura Cumming
Noisy, scrappy, wilfully dumb: this supersize travelling survey of American art speaks volumes about the depressing globalisation of contemporary culture.

Two Nods to Feminism, Long Snubbed by Curators | New York Times | Holland Cotter
......Betty Tompkins's formidable Photo Realist images of heterosexual intercourse, now on view at Mitchell Algus Gallery in Chelsea, could easily be included here.......

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