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"With inclusion of her paintings in more recent shows like Screw You and In the Pink I became interested in how her work finds itself in various periods in art history.  I continue to be fascinated by how even through continuing censorship, her paintings re-enter arts conversations from Abstract Expressionism to Feminism, to Pornography with her signature Fuck, Cunt and Kiss paintings."

Let’s Talk About (Painting) Sex: A Q&A With Betty Tompkins | Modern Painters Daily | Scott Indrisek

Betty Tompkins has been making unabashedly graphic and explicit paintings for over four decades, often working within an epic format (a typical painting can be 60 by 84 inches.) Her work will be spotlighted at Galerie Rodolphe Janssen’s booth in April at the Art Brussels fair.   Modern Painters senior editor Scott Indrisek had the pleasure of visiting her live/work studio in Soho, where they discussed prudish customs officials, the art of airbrushing, and the meaning of the term “bean bagging.”

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This article by Jerome Lefevre is in French.

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In the slide show, my work is slide #9.

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This is an excerpt from my interview with Daniel Baumann that was printed in Spike Art Quarterly in 2006.

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This is the photo that was printed with Kristian Nammack's article.

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The SHOCK issue.

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Consider The Oyster at James Graham & Sons.  Curated by Ingrid Dinter.

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Consider the Oyster at James Graham & Sons, NYC.  Curated by Ingrid Dinter.

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Listen to the interview/podcast.

Handsome Young Doctor at Cubitt, London | Saatchi Online | Lupe Nunez-Fernandez
Looking at the future is unpredictably linked to looking at the past: historically disregarded artist Betty Tompkins presents two new sexually explicit paintings bearing a graphic aesthetic similar to her controversial older, highly genitally-inclined photorealistic works . History books, move over; let's start again.

Weekend Update | artnet | Walter Robinson
Still another fun artwork on view in town is a painting from the late 1960s by Betty Tompkins, a black-and-white airbrush Photo Realist close-up of an overscaled mons veneris with a tiny Holstein cow perched on top, apparently grazing away on the pubic growth........

Listings | New York Magazine | Jerry Saltz
The work Betty Tompkins has produced over her long career is as good and tough as anything the Mitchell Algus Gallery is displaying in the two current feminist shows. That's why we're glad the gallery is also showing Sex Work, Tompkins's ravishing, randy new paintings depicting close-ups of coitus, double penetration, and a couple of bejeweled vaginas. The ample, ungroomed pubic hair on display suggests that Tompkins, weirdly enough, seems to be using old porn for her sources.

Betty Tompkins: SoHo Artist Is Censored in France and Japan | Museum Security Network | Charles V. Sabba
The artist Betty Tompkins moved to SoHo, New York in 1969. Betty began a series of black and white air brush paintings called Joined Forms, which were cropped paintings of heterosexual intercourse. The artist states that in these paintings, created during this beginning era of feminism, she was deliberately appropriating the male gaze. She showed these works in various galleries in SoHo, including LoGuidice Gallery and Warren Benedek. In 1973, Betty was invited to exhibit in Guy Loudmer's in Paris. This led to a ludicrous censorship by French Customs officials and a year of legal wrangling on the artist's part to repatriate the art works......

Betty Tompkins "Joined Forms" | YourBrushWithTheLaw | Charlie Sabba
In this friendly interview, Betty, one of my all time favorite New York artists, discusses with me some of the most important issues facing the art world today, such as museum ethics in antiquities, censorship, and freedom of expression in an ever increasing ultra-conservative atmosphere.......

Betty Tompkins, fuck paintings, fuck paint, fucking paintings! | Le Beau Vice | Elisabeth Lebovici
1969 : erotic year. In New York, Betty Tompkins began a series of paintings in black and white, of explicit cropped images of heterosexual intercourse, painted with the airbrush, that would eventually be called the "Fuck Paintings ». For a woman artist, it was, as we say in French « culotté », which means she had the fucking nerve to do it.............

Betty Tompkins Portfolio | |

Photography Portfolio V: [Untitled Nudes] | Printed Matter, New York NY
Curated by Larry Clark
Synopsis: [Untitled / Nudes] consists of ten images, one each by ten artists selected by Clark, including Donald Baechler, Cecily Brown, Clark, Ralph Gibson, Terence Koh, Zoe Leonard, Paul McCarthy, Albert Oehlen, Thomas Ruff, and Betty Tompkins as well as a work by Clark himself.

Weekend Update | artnet | Walter Robinson
Doing a star turn at Betty Tompkins' opening of her "Fuck Paintings" from the early 1970s at Mitchell Algus was Joan Rivers. . . .

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