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A radio interview with Minerva (Anna Furney, Fabiola Alondra, Erin Goldberger, Jane Halprin) on September 12, 2014.  

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Betty Tompkins, Martin Herbert, text | Dashwood Books | David Strettell

This is sex, but on an Olympian scale; it’s a distanced and far-from-dumb view of heterosexual coupling, but none the less erotic for that.

Hard Targets: Feminist Art, Male Nudes, and the Force of Censorship in the 1970s | LAMOCA | Richard Meyer
....In a brilliant response to the official confiscation of her work, Tompkins stages her own scene of censorship.  Within the frame of the grid drawings, the artist “stamps out” the visual form of her intercepted painting while protesting the public restrictions to which it has been subjected.......

No Child Left Behind | Whitney Biennial Catalog | Bruce Hainley
18.  Who of the following was never in a Whitney Biennial:
    a. Lee Lozano
    b. John Waters
    c. Peter Hujar
    d. Maureen Gallace
    e. Olivier Mosset
    f. Betty Tompkins

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